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“Our thoughts go out to those affected by the earthquake in Italy this morning . We know that at times like these, customers need to be able to get in contact with loved ones without worrying about the cost.

Vodafone will credit all Vodafone UK customers roaming in Italy for all calls, texts and data between 03:36 on the morning of Wednesday 24th August and 23:59 on Friday 26th August.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely.”




Vodafone UK has made network improvements across the Isles of Scilly this week, including the roll out its 4G network.

The improvements – on 2G, 3G and 4G networks – mean residents and visitors to the islands will be able to download music in seconds and catch up on the latest TV shows or movies whilst on the move. They will also help the thousands of visitors to the islands each year navigate using online maps.  Meanwhile, 4G services will also support local businesses, improving productivity by enabling their employees to work more effectively wherever they are whenever they want to.

The news comes just a month after Vodafone launched its new Community Indoor Sure Signal (CISS) programme.  The CISS programme aims to provide reliable 3G mobile coverage to up to 100 rural community hubs, such as independent or community run pubs and shops, village halls, scout huts, doctor’s surgeries or visitor centres, which do not have it. Applications are still being taken with the first selected communities being announced in the autumn.

Kye Prigg, Head of Mobile Networks for Vodafone UK, commented: “Mobile connectivity plays a vital role in keeping rural communities in touch and helps support local economies. However, rural and remote locations often miss out on advantages provided by modern communication tools, due to the complexity of delivering network coverage. This can be because of the geography of the area or difficulties with planning permissions in places of outstanding natural beauty, so it’s great news the Isles of Scilly is now benefiting from our best network ever. We hope our customers who live on the island, or those who are just visiting, enjoy great coverage wherever they go across the islands.”

Vodafone continues to increase its network coverage across the UK and has recently launched a 30 day network guarantee to give new and upgrading customers the chance to try out Vodafone’s network before committing to a contract. It is the only mobile company to offer such terms. Vodafone has also introduced High Definition (HD) Voice nationwide and WiFi Calling to a number of its leading smartphones to ensure its customers can make reliable high quality calls, wherever they are.

For further information:

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Notes to Editors

Vodafone Community Indoor Sure Signal programme

  • There is still time for people to apply for the Vodafone Community Indoor Sure Signal programme, which is focused on providing reliable, indoor mobile coverage and internet access within local hubs such as independent or community run pubs and shops, village halls, scout huts, doctor’s surgeries or visitor centres. Applicants do not need reliable mobile coverage to qualify for the programme.
  • Vodafone will provide a successful applicant with an Open Sure Signal box similar in size to a ROSS unit so that both employees and visitors to the community hubs will be able to make and receive calls as well as use mobile data over a mini 3G network. For the technology to work a centre requires an existing broadband connection with unlimited broadband package, download speeds of at least 4Mbps download and 2Mbps upload speeds and a power source (normal 3-pin plug). The applicant will also require the broadband bill payer’s permission.
  • Further information and application details are available at

Vodafone Home Broadband

  • Vodafone has removed line rental charges for new and upgrading fibre optic home broadband customers – they will still receive a landline and enjoy the benefits, but won’t have to pay a penny for it
  • Vodafone’s Unlimited Fibre Broadband 38 is now the lowest price for unlimited fibre broadband in the UK market vs major broadband providers and best pricing has been reserved for existing mobile customers who will save an additional £3 per month
  • All fibre broadband packages are unlimited and deliver high speed broadband across the UK
  • For our most recent price comparisons, further details and terms see



Vodafone UK announces today that it has signed a 10-year extension to its existing agreement with CSL Dualcom (CSL), a UK market leader in mission-critical alarm services for fire, security and health, to provide a managed Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity platform.  The new service will support CSL’s expansion into new vertical sectors, including retail and utilities.

CSL manages the connectivity to more than 400,000 IoT connected devices, including alarms, in residential and commercial buildings throughout Europe.  This new deal, which extends a 20-year relationship, sees Vodafone IoT supplying managed connectivity to CSL through the Vodafone Managed IoT Connectivity Platform. The reliable, widespread coverage delivered by Vodafone is mission critical to CSL whose pioneering dual signal (DualCom) alarm units use both wired (telephone or internet) and wireless (GPRS/GSM) connections to maintain availability.  This enables a wired alarm system, if cut by would-be intruders, to remain connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre at all times.

The Vodafone platform provides a complete, hosted solution for managing IoT assets wherever they are deployed, enabling CSL to have real-time data about the status of its devices and connections and centralised control for managing any configuration changes, while maintaining the highest levels of security and reliability.

Cyril Deschanel, Head of Northern Europe for Vodafone IoT, said:  “Vodafone is delighted to be working with CSL. We have a strong, long-established relationship with CSL and this latest venture really cements our partnership. It’s a great investment and example of how we can provide mission-critical level connectivity for the alarm security sector through the capabilities we now offer via our network.”

Ed Heale, Managing Director of CSL commented: “We are adding 6,000 connections to our base a month, all of which provide complete end-to-end connectivity solutions for security, fire, health and other mission critical IoT applications.  By extending our partnership with Vodafone, we have the expertise of a total communications provider that recognises the importance of maintaining investment into critical network services and is able to support our growing service and IoT needs.”

Notes to Editors

About Vodafone Group

Vodafone is one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies and provides a range of services including voice, messaging, data and fixed communications. Vodafone has mobile operations in 26 countries, partners with mobile networks in 55 more, and fixed broadband operations in 17 markets. As of 30 June 2016, Vodafone had 465 million mobile customers and 13.7 million fixed broadband customers. For more information, please visit: 

About CSL

Our solutions, platform and partnerships with Mobile Network Operators across Europe allow us to provide complete end-to-end connectivity solutions for Security, Fire, Health and other mission critical M2M applications.

CSL was founded in the UK in 1996 and today, the CSL Group is a market leader in providing M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in the Security and Health Sectors with operations in the UK, Ireland, Sweden and the Netherlands. After a successful management buy-out in 2006, led by Group CEO, Phil Hollett and Simon Banks, founder and Group Managing Director, the company has established itself as a leading provider of dual signalling systems.

CSL pioneered the move from wired to wireless communication in the electronic security and Telehealthcare sectors with the introduction of the multi-network WorldSIM which provides maximum uptime. The company is now the trusted choice to provide the Critical Connectivity for nearly half a million devices throughout Europe.  The Security range provides simple and reliable alarm signalling for domestic, commercial and retail premises whilst the Health range enables wireless Telecare Services for vulnerable residents.  In addition many manufacturers now choose our WorldSIM for use inside their own M2M devices. For more information visit:


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