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  • Only eight per cent of Britain’s public sector frontline workers are equipped with 4G connectivity, revealed YouGov research for Vodafone UK
  • Frontline workers including police officers, district nurses and social workers could further improve services to citizens, more cost-effectively, with the use of 4G mobile connectivity
  • Lack of knowledge of the benefits of 4G (42 per cent) amongst public sector decision makers appears to be holding the public sector back from benefitting from 4G technology, and perceptions of cost given as one of the main reasons for not adopting 4G (30 per cent) by those who don’t have it


The UK public sector could be missing out on the opportunity to provide faster and more cost-effective community-based services to citizens due to slow 4G adoption amongst Britain’s vital frontline. Less than one in 10 public sector frontline workers are currently using 4G technology, research by YouGov and Vodafone UK amongst public sector decision makers has revealed.  The slow uptake of 4G technology in the public sector appears to be attributable to a lack of knowledge of the benefits it can provide (42 per cent); alongside perception of overall costs involved, which was cited as one of the key obstacles to adoption (30 per cent) by those that don’t already have 4G.


Frontline workers, such as police officers, nurses and social workers, could all benefit from 4G’s greater speed and capacity to access critical information and update records electronically while out in the community.  Fast mobile connectivity would improve critical decision making in the field, reduce time spent on administration and ultimately help to improve the service provided to citizens.


“As public sector organisations face continued budget cuts, delivering quality services to citizens is an increasing challenge,” said Mick Wayman, Head of Public Sector at Vodafone UK. “Armed with cost-effective mobile devices and 4G connectivity, frontline workers can access and update centralised records such as medical and criminal history while they are out in the field. This helps them to make better decisions in the moment, eliminates the need to go ‘back to base’ to complete paperwork and reduces time spent on administration. They can reinvest time and resource where they’re needed most, whether that’s visiting a patient in their own home, on the beat, or elsewhere in the community. In frontline services such as the police where every second counts, 4G really can make a big difference.”


Fast, reliable access to information on the frontline is vital. With 4G, large files, applications and critical information can be uploaded and downloaded in an instant: a feature that over half (54 per cent) of public sector respondents said is very or fairly important to their organisation.


Crucially, giving those on the frontline fast, high capacity connectivity and access to information would also support public sector decision makers’ top three priorities which were cited as: improve operational efficiency (62 per cent ranked as one of their top three priorities), improve customer experience (51 per cent) and reduce overall business costs (50 per cent). However, the research found there is still some way to go for the public sector to realise 4G’s potential to help meet their top priorities, as the benefits are not widely understood and cost is still seen as barrier to adoption.


Mick Wayman commented: “We are working with public sector organisations to tear down the barriers standing in the way of putting 4G connectivity in the hands of more of Britain’s frontline. We are helping organisations to understand how the technology can assist in driving efficiency, delivering better services to citizens and meeting their key priorities. It’s our job to make 4G as accessible as possible by offering cost-effective technology that is easy to implement. Our new ‘Data Starter’ tariff is designed specifically for the public sector and offers 4G connectivity from as little as £5 a month and includes a £60 credit towards a 4G handset. We want to ensure that those on the frontline are able to take advantage of the right technologies, such as 4G, that will help them to do their jobs in the most effective way possible, now and in the future.”


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Data Starter

Data Starter* is available for £5.00 a month over a 24 month term. Data Starter includes Mobile Worker voice and 250MB of 4G data each month together with a £60 equipment credit so public sector customers can get a 4G smartphone from just £25. Data Starter is available on the PSN Services Framework.

*Minimum term agreement and credit check apply. 4G: Coverage may vary – see

Vodafone’s network

Vodafone is currently spending around £1 billion on its network and services across the UK following a similar amount spent last year.   This includes £200 million on its network in London, the introduction of its 4G service to more than 600 cities and towns, as well as thousands of smaller communities whilst also making network improvements across its UK 3G network.  Meanwhile, the Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal programme is bringing 3G coverage for the first time to 100 remote communities across the UK.


All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 1401 senior decision makers including 465 respondents from the Public Sector. Fieldwork was undertaken between 19th -26th February 2015.  The survey was carried out online.



Vodafone UK has announced a major network investment across Reading, bringing stronger indoor and outdoor coverage and mobile internet services across its 3G and 4G networks.



  • Vodafone Broadband delivers high speed broadband and home phone services
  • Roll out to existing Vodafone UK customers across the country starts today
  • Competitive packages, with broadband speeds up to 76Mbps available
  • Innovative Vodafone router and mobile app will provide seamless control in the home
  • Easy Switching service to provide customers with hassle-free broadband set-up

 Vodafone UK today launches its broadband and home phone services to millions of its customers across the UK, ensuring its customers will always be connected, both at home and on the go.

Available at speeds up to 76 Mbps, Vodafone’s nationwide fibre optic, business-grade network reaches exchanges which pass around 22 million premises across the UK. Combined with the plug-and-play Vodafone router, the service delivers speed, reliability, unlimited data and cutting-edge features which let customers share, stream and shop to their hearts’ content.

The innovative Vodafone Connect mobile app, coupled with the router, offers a range of features which give customers greater control over the devices in the home: ‘Boost’ allows customers to supercharge any device connected to their home network, giving that device priority over others; ‘Beam’, which uses Beamforming technology, focuses Wi-Fi signal to compatible devices wherever they are in the home; ‘Family Time’ allows customers to easily manage and set time limits, giving them control over when Wi-Fi is available and when it’s not;  or  ‘Guest Wi-Fi’ allows controlled Wi-Fi access to household guests in one click.

Whether customers choose Superfast Fibre+ Broadband (up to 76 Mbps), Superfast Fibre Broadband (up to 38 Mbps) or Broadband ADSL (up to 17 Mbps), Vodafone will thank its customers for their loyalty by giving them £5 off the standard broadband price every month and for the first 12 months it will be further discounted to half price – making it one of the best value broadband and home phone packages in the UK. Vodafone Red (pay monthly mobile) customers will also get inclusive calls anytime to landlines, plus 300 free minutes to mobile numbers. And every customer gets inclusive evening and weekend calls, plus discounted Sure Signal units to boost mobile coverage indoors if necessary.

We’ll also take the hassle out of switching broadband provider with our Easy Switching service. Once a customer decides to order Vodafone Broadband, and has informed their provider where required, our switching experts will coordinate everything: from transferring the service from the old provider; to setting up the connection with us and ensuring everything is working as it should be.

This launch builds on the success of Vodafone’s fixed broadband services across 12 countries in Europe, where we are one of the largest providers with more than 11 million subscribers and our experience as the leader in unified communications to the UK business sector.

Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO of Vodafone UK said: “We have had great feedback on our broadband service from the customers involved in our regional launch.  We are really pleased that they are finding the speeds as fast as they hoped for, while the Vodafone Connect companion app gives them an unprecedented level of control over their devices.  We are looking forward to many other customers taking us up on our great offer and joining us on our journey to be the UK’s leading providers of entertainment services.”

Cindy Rose, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK said: “We started our broadband journey with an exclusive offer available only to a few Vodafone customers. We have now extended this to all of our millions of customers as our way of saying thank you for their loyalty. We know our customers depend on us to stay connected, and now we can satisfy their needs both at home and on the go.”

Vodafone’s market leading Vodafone Connect router will be provided free to customers. High-spec, it utilises the latest Wi-Fi technology, allowing priority to be given to a chosen device – supercharging Wi-Fi for seamless video streaming and gaming.

Vodafone will add broadband and home phone services to their mobile package, presenting one bill to customers covering all services – home phone, mobile and broadband.

Key features of the Vodafone Connect router and Vodafone Connect companion mobile app

Vodafone Connect companion app manages the router by mobile device  – allowing customers to change the Wi-Fi password, control features like ‘Boost’ and ‘Beam’ as well as controlling who’s connected to the network and for how long, through features like ‘Guest Wi-Fi’ and ‘Family Time’.  The Vodafone Connect companion app is available for iOS and Android.  Feature specifics, when coupled with the router, include:

 ‘Boost’ can supercharge your connected devices – Boost lets customers prioritise Wi-Fi speeds to a chosen device for up to 2 hours, giving that device priority over others within the home – perfect for quickly downloading a video to a smartphone or tablet before setting off.

  • ‘Beam’ focuses the Wi-Fi signal right where it’s needed most – Beam, which uses Beamforming technology, focusing the  Wi-Fi signal to compatible devices wherever they are in the home, even in those hard to reach corners of the house.
  • Stay in control with ‘Family Time’ – which allows customers to easily manage and set time limits, giving them control over when Wi-Fi is available and when it’s not.


 Notes to Editors

 Customers who are interested in our new broadband experience can sign up online here, contact our Glasgow team on 191, or visit one of our 500 retail stores to find out more.


Standard price (available to non Vodafone customers later in the year) Existing Vodafone Mobile customers
ADSL (up to 17Mbps)

(18 months contract)

£10.00 £5.00

(£2.50 for 12 months)

Fibre 38Mbps

(18 months contract)

£20.00 £15.00

(£7.50 for 12 months)

Fibre 76Mbps

(18 months contract)

£25.00 £20.00

(£10.00 for 12 months)

Broadband usage Unlimited Unlimited
Calls Evening & Weekend included (landline calls) Evening & Weekend included (landline calls)

Vodafone Pay monthly Red customers: Anytime & Mobile 300 mins as well

Line rental £16.99

Or Line Rental Saver £163.10 – 12 months upfront for 20% discount


Or Line Rental Saver £163.10 – 12 months upfront for 20% discount

Online security F-Secure SAFE free for 6 months (up to 5 devices) and then just £39.99 a year (RRP £79.99) F-Secure SAFE free for 6 months (up to 5 devices) and then just £39.99 a year (RRP £79.99)


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