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  • Vodafone UK lights up one of the UK’s oldest villages and a Hampshire not-spot with reliable 3G coverage for the first time
  • Silchester is the latest community to be connected in Vodafone’s Rural Open Sure Signal programme
  • Silchester’s ROSS unit is already taking an average of 30 mobile calls and supporting 3,000 data sessions a day
  • Part of approximately £2 billion Vodafone is spending on its UK network and services across 2014 and 2015

Vodafone UK has announced the beautiful community of Silchester, one of the few villages to have been continuously occupied since the Iron Age, as the latest community in a rural mobile not-spot location to receive 3G coverage with Vodafone’s Rural Open Sure Signal programme.

Silchester’s inhabitants and the thousands of visitors to one of the best preserved Roman towns in Britain, have until now suffered from unreliable mobile coverage.  The Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal (ROSS) programme uses Vodafone’s innovative Sure Signal technology, to bring high quality 3G voice services and much needed access to the internet via mobile devices to communities in some of the UK’s most beautiful or remote areas.  Silchester is the third village in Hampshire, along with Easton and Itchen Abbas, to have been brought coverage through the ROSS programme.

The ROSS programme is a national initiative by Vodafone UK to provide reliable mobile access to up to 100 rural communities in mobile not-spot locations. Launched in July 2014, with support from local MPs, councils and rural action groups, the programme received an overwhelming response, with over 30 communities now live across the country from the Shetland Islands to Cornwall and from the mountains of Snowdonia to the Norfolk coast.

Mobile connectivity plays a vital role in keeping communities in touch and helps support local economies. However, rural and remote locations often miss out on advantages provided by modern communication tools, due to the complexity of delivering network coverage. This can be because of the geography of the area or difficulties with planning permissions in places of outstanding natural beauty. The ROSS programme uses innovative ‘femtocell’ technology to provide an alternative solution to bring 3G mobile access in locations where it isn’t possible for networks to provide coverage through traditional means.

As part of the ROSS programme, Vodafone teams have now surveyed each of the 100 communities which were added to the programme at the end of last year.  The surveys included physical ground assessments by Vodafone engineers as well as detailed fixed broadband speed checks. The teams have also drawn up plans for viable communities to illustrate where the equipment will be sited. The process saw some of the initial communities having their implementation postponed until their community broadband speeds and availability have improved.

Jorge Fernandes, Vodafone UK Chief Technology Officer, said: “I am delighted that Silchester has joined our Rural Open Sure Signal programme. Mobile connectivity is an essential service for communities and businesses to thrive in today’s digital world and support local economies. As part of the Rural Open Sure Signal programme, we are committed to investing in our network to provide access even in remote locations where it is otherwise almost impossible to reach. The number of calls and data sessions the unit is supporting every day, in an area where there was marginal coverage previously, shows the significant benefit the technology is making to members of the community. I am excited to see the transformation for Silchester and other communities which have been successful for this pioneering programme.”

Ranil Jayawardena, MP for North East Hampshire said: I am very pleased to be here today for the launch of the Vodafone Rural Sure Signal Programme in Silchester. I believe that in the 21st century, everyone should have access to fast and reliable mobile coverage and it is great that 3G and mobile internet will now be available to the residents of Silchester.

Steve Spillane, Village champion for Silchester commented: “Silchester has always suffered with poor mobile coverage.  The arrival of the Vodafone Rural Open Sure Signal programme is important for our residents, businesses and visitors to the village.  We can now start enjoying the benefits of improved mobile coverage in the centre of the community.”

As well as using Rural Open Sure Signal to plug rural “not-spots”, Vodafone is spending around £2 billion on its network and services across the country over 2014 and 2015.  This includes the provision of HD (High Definition) Voice technology on its 3G network and the extension of its 4G coverage to 757 cities and towns and thousands of smaller communities across the UK.

Further communities will be announced over the few months. For more information on the programme, visit

For more information please contact

Vodafone UK Media Relations

01635 666777

Notes to editors:

  • Launch event photos available on request.




Vodafone UK and Tower 42, London’s original skyscraper, have teamed up to provide customers with the highest 4G service in the City of London, provided by Vodafone.

The in-building 4G system covers the tower’s 42 floors and uses Vodafone’s latest high-bandwidth 2.6GHz spectrum to provide excellent 4G coverage with ample capacity. This means that from even the dizzy heights of the Vertigo 42 Champagne Bar, you’ll still enjoy the same great coverage.

In addition to installing hundreds of antennas, Vodafone engineers worked tirelessly behind the scenes in the building’s core to install over 6100m of coax cable and 2000m of fibre to power the installation. Stretched out, this would equal the height of the building over 43 times or the distance from London Bridge to the Natural History Museum.

Vodafone UK’s Head of Network Kye Prigg said: “We are delighted that Tower 42 invited us to partner with them to deliver the best service possible to our customers, in one of the busiest and most popular areas of London. With many of London’s skyscrapers now towering above our mobile network below, our engineers have to head for the heights in order to provide customers with a strong 4G signal. Increasingly, we are providing bespoke 4G systems to achieve this, as well as working out new ways to overcome modern designs, such as reflective glass which can divert radio waves.”

Philip Lewis, Kirsh Group, commented on behalf of the owners: “At Tower 42, we take great pride in offering the best facilities and there is no doubt that good mobile phone and data connectivity is critical to modern business success. In partnership with Vodafone, this technology allows us to lead the way in delivering dedicated 4G coverage to the 2,500 people who work within the Tower and our 1,200 daily visitors.”

Vodafone’s integrated 4G system in Tower 42 forms part of Vodafone UK’s continued commitment and investment in the London network which is now offering 4G to 99% of the city’s population. As a result, 4G data usage is increasing month on month and total weekly data usage equates to more than 300 years of continuous web browsing*. Our call set up rate is also industry leading at over 99% and our dropped call rate is down to 0.58% throughout London. As a result of this, Vodafone’s network in London has been recognised as number one by leading independent technology consultancy, P3.

Tower 42 forms part of the Tower 42 Estate, which comprises six self-contained building on a freehold site of 2.2 acres. The skyscraper provides unique office space in a range of flexible leasing options, in the heart of the City of London.  The Estate continues to attract tenants from a diverse occupier base whilst achieving market leading rent. As a result, it is now home to over 50 international companies and 3,500 people.


  • *based on the average song size as 4MB, average non HD film as 750MB and 1 hour of typical browsing equating to 10-25MB as collated by
  • Vodafone has expanded its ultrafast 4G coverage to 750 larger cities, towns and districts as well as thousands of smaller communities across the UK. For more information on our 4G coverage visit
  • Customers can check Vodafone’s current and planned coverage at
  • Coverage predictions are based on an assumption that Vodafone can obtain planning permission to build sites, access to land or buildings to place equipment and backhaul to connect sites.
  • Vodafone 4G is typically 3.6 times faster than our 3G. Speeds vary and depend on coverage and demand. For more information visit
  • 4G devices are available for review on request.

About Tower 42

  • Tower 42 is a landmark building offering 324,000 sq ft of high quality office space spread over 42 floors in the heart of the City of London.
  • The Tower 42 Estate provides a high quality environment with an outstanding range of services.
  • At more than 600 ft in height, is one of the tallest buildings in the City of London.
  • Location: Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London, EC2N 1HQ
  • For those looking for prime offices on the most flexible terms in the city, please visit
  • The owners of the Tower 42 estate have begun construction of a brand new 55,000 sq ft office building, 15 Bishopsgate. Full details can be found here:



Vodafone UK has today published its quarterly Sustainability Report, which covers activity during Winter 2015.  The report covers a range of initiatives:

  • the launch of our partnership with The Scout Association and the creation of the Scouts Digital Manifesto, which provides clear goals to help young people use digital technology safely, creatively and responsibly .
  • working with the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) at St Andrews University to investigate the rapid decline of some species of marine mammal using our machine-to-machine (M2M) technology
  • Our Giving Something Back campaign, which also highlights that £33 million has been donated through JustTextGiving since its launch in May 2011

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