Maximising the benefits of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies in UK homes

May 14, 2018

4IR in the Home

By Glafkos Persianis, UK Commercial Director, Vodafone UK

I am delighted to support the Social Market Foundation’s vital research into the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) in the home. 4IR marks the moment at which digital innovation and ultra-fast connectivity make the leap from “nice-to-have” to “couldn’t-live-without”. We are starting to see the power of new technologies to transform our lives, making the things we rely on every day cheaper, greener, and more productive.

Vodafone has a proud history of technological innovation, having grown from a start-up in Berkshire to one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, serving over 400 million customers around the globe. From making the UK’s first mobile call in 1985, to being the first UK operator to abolish roaming charges across 50 European destinations, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the developments that change the lives of our customers for the better.

4IR in the Home: A new wave of innovation

This report, “4IR in the Home: Maximising the Benefits”, looks into the ways in which new technologies will change our day-to-day lives, including care, transport, and home life. The technologies coming to market today are ushering in a care revolution, improving the quality of life for vulnerable and elderly people across the UK. These innovations will lead to safer, quieter, cleaner roads. Families will be able to spend more time together, and have more money to spend while doing so.

Already, we are beginning to see the benefits. Our award-winning Internet of Things range for consumers, V by Vodafone, provides technologies that help people to drive safer and keep track of the things they care about, such as a pet or a bag. As this report shows, we are at the beginning of a new wave of innovation. With a few simple, practical changes, policymakers can foster the conditions to allow the Fourth Industrial Revolution to take off across the UK, to the benefit of everyone. This report offers a valuable starting point as we look ahead to an exciting future.

Read “4IR in the Home: Maximising the Benefits” by clicking on the Download Report button.