Mum’s the word with Vodafone’s #FamilySquad

March 7, 2018

Tess Daly, AliA, Sally Phillips pictured in front of gaming screens

When Ali Met Tess and Sally – and they learnt how to game

  • Vodafone’s #FamilySquad gives parents the skills to game with their kids and stay safe online too
  • Superstar family gamer, Ali-A, runs special gaming bootcamp for Tess Daly and Sally Phillips

TV presenter Tess Daly and comedian Sally Phillips came face-to-face with Vodafone’s #FamilySquad gaming expert Ali-A and the pair picked up plenty of tips so that they can enjoy online gaming at home with their families.

Online gamer and YouTube and CBBC star, Ali-A, was chief coach for Vodafone’s gaming bootcamp. The mums were joined by family YouTubers Morgz Mum, Family Fizz and Gorgeous Movies. Watch all the action from the #FamilySquad bootcamp here:

The #FamilySquad received a fast-track coaching session in how to play current gaming sensation ‘Fortnite’, as well as some top tips for family gaming at home. These included advice on staying safe online and the importance of a home broadband with a guaranteed minimum speed.

Tess said: “If there’s one way of impressing my two daughters, it’s showing them the latest gaming tricks straight from Ali-A. It’s great to access something they love and do it together.”

Sally, who has three sons, said: “My kids love gaming but I was basically frightened of it. My middle son kept asking to play together as a reward so when Vodafone gave me the opportunity to learn to game from the best gamers around I leapt at the chance.”

Ali-A added: “The guys were great, and showed real promise – or at least they promised to pass on tips to their kids. One of the cardinal sins in gaming is dropping out of a game at a vital moment.

“So make sure you have reliable and superfast broadband. I recommend Vodafone because it guarantees a minimum speed.”

The Vodafone Home Broadband Ultimate Speed Guarantee is available across all Vodafone Home Broadband packages. The Vodafone Broadband app makes it quick and easy to check sync speed so customers always know what speed they are getting.

Vodafone UK CEO, Nick Jeffrey added: “We know how important speedy broadband is to the whole family. Gamers in particular need speeds they can rely on – the last thing you want is to have your win rate affected by slow speeds. Our #FamilySquad is here to show that with our Ultimate Speed Guarantee, you can rely on Vodafone.”

There were lots of laughs during the bootcamp but some serious messages too. One of Ali’s tips is to get involved with your children’s online games – if you know what they are doing you are better placed to help keep them safe. For more tips on safe online gaming and internet safety in general, visit Vodafone’s Digital Parenting magazine here:

For more #FamilySquad bootcamp fun, family gaming competitions and advice on gaming with your children visit Vodafone UK’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

Watch Ali-A’s Top 5 tips here:


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