July 16, 2014
  • Fixed and mobile cloud-based communication service adds Microsoft Lync, enabling even better collaboration between employees.
  • ‘Click to call’ using existing numbers through Lync on any enabled device.
  • One Net with Lync brings all the advantages of unified communications usually reserved for large organisations to SMEs, enabling businesses to be more responsive.
  • Employees are connected on any of their devices to their customers, suppliers and colleagues.
  • Vodafone is the only UK provider to offer cloud-based fixed and mobile communications on a single platform, on its own network, maximising security and quality of service.

Vodafone UK’s One Net Business service (“One Net”) that seamlessly combines fixed and mobile communications is now available with the integration of Microsoft Lync for existing customers. The new feature, which will also be available to new One Net customers in the coming weeks, makes it even easier for businesses to keep their employees connected on the move and from different devices. The service enables SMEs to collaborate more quickly, cut decision making time, deliver better customer service, be more responsive and ultimately win more business.

One Net is the UK’s only cloud-based communications service that delivers fixed and mobile communications through a single platform, meaning they can truly work together to bring convenience and greater speed to business communication.

The addition of Lync to One Net enables ‘click to call’ through the Lync application from any device – either a PC, mobile or tablet. In one click, businesses can set up virtual meetings, share files and their desktop and now speak to their colleagues, all within Lync. Employees no longer need to switch between their PC and their landline or mobile phone when using Lync, as they can make and receive phone calls directly from the application on their laptop and tablet using their existing fixed and mobile numbers.

One Net already offers SMEs the opportunity to have cutting edge unified communications that were previously only accessible and affordable for larger corporate organisations. By taking advantage of One Net combined with Lync and Microsoft Office 365 hosted in the cloud, SMEs can be confident they have the latest range of technology that will enable them to be mobile, agile, competitive and responsive.

Phil Mottram, Vodafone’s Enterprise Director said: “SMEs need to be able to respond quickly to customer requests wherever they are, or risk losing out to the competition. Vodafone is the only company that can provide a fully integrated suite of mobile and fixed communications services from the cloud on its own network.

“With One Net and the new Lync collaboration we can offer UK businesses the complete communications package that they need to succeed today.”

The addition of the Lync application expands the existing benefits of One Net, such as one voicemail box and the ability to make and receive calls from either a mobile or landline; regardless of which number is used. Having the ability to simply manage all calls – through a landline, mobile and a PC – means businesses can ensure they don’t miss that crucial business call or voicemail, whether they’re in or out of the office.

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Quotes from our partners trialling Vodafone One Net with Microsoft Lync integration

“Having been both a supplier and user of Vodafone One Net for nearly three years I am always waiting for the next update to the product to see how it will evolve. The integration of Lync into Vodafone One Net give means I can now make and receive calls from my laptop, tablet and smartphone over Wi-Fi whilst still always using my own number. As a result, location has become truly irrelevant and I can now work anywhere at any time.” Damon Newbold, Director, Think Telecom

“We are constantly looking to give our 5,500 business customers a competitive edge, helping them to communicate faster and be more responsive. We firmly believe this new collaboration feature is ground breaking; with the ability now to seamlessly create and take calls through your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile or desk phone it truly delivers a complete unified communications experience for businesses through one network and one supplier.” James Phipps, CEO of Excalibur Communications

About Vodafone One Net Business
One Net Business is available on a price per user per month basis. Price is dependent on features selected.

One Net Collaboration benefits:
Place and receive calls securely from virtually anywhere
Missed calls could be a thing of the past. Make and take calls from your desktop smartphone or tablet – and connect with any phone, desktop or Skype user around the world using your internet, network and data plans.

Using your laptop as your work phone
No need to reach for a separate phone and search for contacts – call with a single click from your desktop or laptop using your work number.

Communicate however you like
Check your colleagues’ availability in real-time and then make a voice call, a video call, or send an instant message for fast and natural communications that suit you.

Extensive set of voice services
No scrambling around trying to find the right conference line number – users can easily set up conference calls as well as edit and share documents on the move. If you need to bring someone else onto a call, you can just drag and drop.

Call the author of a document
Forget about looking up numbers or leaving messages, you can collaborate straightaway. With a single click, you can talk to the authors of Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents, while still viewing the document.

Answer emails with a call
Without emails piling up in your inbox, if you’ve received an email and want to discuss it straightaway, just click on the sender’s name and you’re connected.


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